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Panasonic Scholarship 2008

Saturday, February 17, 2007 |admin |

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1918 when Konosuke Matsushita made and marketed an improved attachment plug. Since its foundation Matsushita Electric has endeavored to fulfill its corporate mission of contributing to the progress and development of society and well-being of people all over the world.

In commemoration of its 80th anniversary in 1998, Matsushita Electric decided to launch Panasonic Scholarship Program for privately-financed students from Asian countries to pursue mater’s course in Japan.

We hope this scholarship will provide them with a good oppurtunity to do research at graduate schools and enable them to contribute to the development of their countries and to promote friendship between Asian countries and Japan in the 21st Century.

Privately-financed students from Asian countries who are university graduates under 30 years of age and wish to enter master’s courses of natural science and engineering area except Medical Science, Pharmacology and Dentistry at graduate schools in Japan.

Overseas Application System
Subsidiaries of Matsushita Electric in the following countries and areas invite applicants to apply for this program.

Panasonic Scholarship will be provided for max. three years including max. one year of Japanese language training and study as research student and max. two years for master’s program.

YEAR ONE : Japanese language training and study as research student
1. Monthly Scholarship : ¥ 150.000 per month
2. Arrival Allowance : max. ¥ 200.000 will be paid before and/ or after arrival in Japan
3. Tuition Fee Assistance : ¥ 250.000 will be paid in each semester
The actual amount will be paid in case the tuition fee is less than ¥ 500.000/ year.

YEAR TWO & THREE : Master’s course at graduate school
1. Monthly Scholarship : ¥ 180.000 per month
2. Matriculation Fee Assistance : ¥ 200.000 will be paid in the first year of master’s course
3. Tuition Fee Assistance : ¥ 250.000 will be paid in each semester
The actual amount of matriculation and tuition fee will be be paid to the students whose fees are less than the above amount.

The contents of the program are subject to change without prior notice.
Panasonic Scholarship for Indonesian Students

website :

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