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Opening PHD Economic in Siena

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 |admin |
(click admission 2007)

For the academic year 2007-2008, a maximum of 20 students will be
admitted to the program.

Admissions will be decided after a comparative evaluation of
candidates, as specified in the Bando di Concorso (published on the
Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana n. 15 - 4° Serie speciale
concorsi ed esami, 20-2-2007); what follows is a summary of all
information relevant for application.

Applicants must hold an Italian "laurea magistrale" or "laurea
specialistica", or a 4 years Italian laurea according to the
pre-reform system, or an equivalent 4-5 years foreign degree. There
are no limitations on the nationality of the candidates.

Candidates are required to apply using the following on-line procedure.
The deadline for application is 25 March 2007.
We accept applications from candidates who have not yet obtained their
degree by this deadline, provided that they obtain it before 30
September 2007.

In addition, the candidates are required to send:

* their curriculum, containing an academic record with the full
list of courses and grades;
* two letters of reference (in sealed envelopes) from two
academics, in which an evaluation is given (in comparative terms) of
the candidate's aptitudes to research, his/her competence, scientific
potential and maturity;
* a research project, not longer than 1000 words. Once admitted,
the candidate will not be constrained by the project presented;
however, the project is important to evaluate his/her aptitudes, as
well as the availability of potential supervisors in the candidate's
area of interest;
* (OPTIONAL) a short essay, not longer than 5000 words, on an
economic subject, which is the result of autonomous research by the

All required documentation must reach not later than 25 March 2007 the
following address:
Ufficio Formazione e Post-Laurea
c/o Collegio Santa Chiara
Via Valdimontone n. 1 - 53100 Siena,

Documentation can be either in Italian or in English, and it can be
posted or delivered directly by hand. Late comers cannot be
considered, so the candidates are recommended, in their own interest,
to make use of a reliable means (e.g. a courier or insured mail). The
University reserves the right to exclude from the selection process at
any time candidates who do not meet the admission requirements.

The selection of candidates will be based on an evaluation of their
aptitude and competence to research. To this purpose, the examination
commission might ask some of the candidates to sit for a written exam
and an interview, to be held in Siena; in this case, the candidates
will be notified by email a couple of weeks before (however, the
University cannot be held responsible for failed communications due to
the candidate supplying late or incorrect information regarding
his/her address). The exams will be in Italian or in English.

A good knowledge of English is a prerequisite for admission.

Soon after the interviews are concluded, the list of successful
candidates will be made public on this website. In case of
renunciation, or in case a candidate is excluded because she/he fails
to submit the documents required for admission by 25 September 2007
(see below), the candidates who follow in the list will be admitted.
The 10 most qualified candidates among those admitted (as resulting
from the admission list) will be awarded a grant and will be exempted
from the payment of the annual fee (see Fees and financial support).

No later than 25 September 2007 the students admitted with or without
a scholarship must present the appropriate documents and forms (see
here) to the
Ufficio Formazione e Post-Laurea - Sezione Dottorati di ricerca,
Università degli Studi di Siena
Via Valdimontone 1, 53100 Siena

(opening hours: Mon, Wed, Fri from 9.00 to 13.30; Tue, Thu from 14.45
to 17.00).

Failure to present the above documents will result in exclusion of the
candidate from the school. All the documents must be submitted or sent
by mail and be received by 25 September 2007. Candidates admitted who
do not comply to the above provisions will be considered as renouncers.

Vacancies may be made available to the next candidates in the list who
must complete the enrolment within six days of receipt of the
communication e-mailed by the Ufficio Formazione e Post-Laurea. After
that time, the place will be offered to the following candidate.

Non EU candidates who are admitted and hold a foreign degree
(conferred at the end of a degree course lasting at least 4 years)
which has not yet been recognized by an Italian University as
equivalent to one of the Italian degrees required, must submit (along
with the enrolment form) the documents required for the Academic Board
to deliberate upon recognition of the degree for admission to the
school only. All documents (photocopy of the original diploma and
degree certificate with exams and grades) must be translated and
legalized by the competent Italian authorities abroad as well as
provided with an in loco declaration of value, in accordance with the
legislation in force on the admission of foreign students to Italian
University courses.

Non EU candidates who have passed the entrance examination will be
admitted to the courses as long as they have permits to enter and
reside in Italy and are legally residing in Italy (art. 39, par. 5,
Legislative Decree. 25.07.1998 no. 286 as modified by art. 26 Law
30.07.2002 no. 189); they must present a copy of their passport and a
valid temporary residence permit issued by the competent authorities
along with the enrolment form. Non EU citizens residing abroad must
present a copy of their passport, entrance visa and temporary
residence permit for study issued by the competent Questura (Police



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